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Synergy has achieved #1 Rankings among Home Health Agencies in Ohio
from HealthInsight.org AND FindTheBest.com

Synergy Home Health Physical Therapy

When you are having difficulty with strength, balance, endurance and mobility...

When you are fighting to recover from an illness, an injury, a surgical procedure or struggling with a lifelong medical condition...

When you are unable to function in your home or drive your car or work at your job or enjoy your normal recreational activities...

Physical Therapists are there to help you through these challenges.

Physical Therapists provide prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services to get you back on your feet or back into the game with a personalized plan designed for your unique situation

Physical Therapists are licensed by their respective states and guided by a code of ethics. They are required to go through extensive education that may include a Masters and Doctorate level degree as well as pass a state and national board exam to ensure clinical expertise and ethical standards.

Conditions for which Physical Therapy can help include, but are not limited to:

Orthopedic conditions:

Cardiac conditions:

Neurological conditions:

General conditions:

These professionals are dedicated to their craft, to their science and to their patients…you.


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